Jaju Pierogi

Inspired by our grandfather's recipes, our pierogi are made from scratch in Eastern MA in traditional and creative flavors. Now shipping throughout the continental U.S.

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A family tradition

Sixty years ago, our grandfather (our Jaju, or dziadziu) started a Polish deli in Western Massachusetts with his siblings. We started Jaju Pierogi with his handwritten recipes. And while our business has grown, we still ensure our pierogi taste just like family made them.

Made from scratch

We make our pierogies from scratch in Massachusetts, using simple ingredients that you'd find in your family's pantry. Our recipes haven't changed since our first days working on the kitchen table.

Time-tested process

With recipes inspired by our Jaju (or grandfather), making pierogi is a true labor of love. Whether we’re perfecting our stuffings, making the dough from scratch, or boiling the pierogi so that they’re just right, we make sure our product would make our grandfather proud.

A balance of tradition & creativity

Flavors like potato & cheese or cabbage & mushroom nod to our grandfather, while others like sweet potato & caramelized onion and jalapeno cheddar bring something new to the table.